ECUS is one of the most important Spanish company specialist in the production and commercialization of rest equipment . All the Ecus rest systems are produced by them (mattress, pillow-cases, mattress thicking, bedsprings…) with continuous innovation to guarantee great quality.

Their facilities covers 25.000m2 and they produce around 2000 rest equipments a day. The company has a R&D department focus on new developments and continuous innovation. The great majority of their products are exclusive, they have some registered trademarks as Ecus Multispring. The company has implemented a quality system and is  certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 which means that the company has high quality standards in the manufacture of their products and a good environmental management that guarantees the correct use of materials, processes and waste management in order to minimize the environmental impact. The firm looks for a competitive advantage working in new research and product developments, reaching levels that get the end-users necessities.

Not only they research on new materials but also new rest concepts.