Dakota Coatings - founded in 1994 - has an outstanding reputation in the world of thermoplastic and thermosetting adhesives and other related chemicals for the textile industry. It is a fast growing company with headquarters and production facilities in Belgium, near Brussels, the heart of Europe. Dakota Coatings may not be a giant in the world of chemicals but can guarantee its customers reliable quality, comprehensive prices, close customer contact and a group of committed young people. 

Balancing supply with demand we already invested in a new building and production unit in 2000. An important point on our list of investments is Research and Development in order not only to deliver products to the clients but also to be able to supply solutions to the customer’s problems and questions. A tailored product to the customers’ requirement is one of our strengths. Dakota Coatings can always supply a powder or hotmelt which is suitable for every application.

This is achieved by formulating so that the characteristics match the exact requirements stated by the customer.