Devan Micropolis S.A., based in Porto, is a spin-off of the Minho University and is specialised in micro-encapsulation and hydrogel technology. Micropolis, has worked for more than 5 years in the development of reactive microcapsules.  Micropolis employs 5 qualified engineers working closely with several Portuguese universities such as Minho and Coimbra Universities in order to expand the fundamental research on the use of these technologies in textiles and other applications.

The driving force of the Devan group has been always the R&D activity. The R&D department is the core of the company. Innovative solution for textile have been its success and the main reason for fast growing during the 15 last years  The quest for new technologies which are more environmentally friendly is a permanent goal for Devan like halogen free flame retardants, non-migrating antimicrobials, insect repellent products based on micro-encapsulated essential oils,… . Devan is working closely and directly with the textile specifiers (“Pull-through” business model). The specifiers are nowadays either the Brands (Tempur, Hilding Anders,…) and Retailers (M&S, 3Suisse, La redoute, Carrefour, ,…) for consumer’s textiles such as bedding.

Devan has, during the years worked mainly to improve safety, ecological issues, hygiene and comfort. The demonstration of the benefits of safety products like flame retardants or antimicrobials is achieved relatively easily by running standardized tests.

However, it is much more difficult to demonstrate the benefits for products related to comfort, such as moisture management, aromatherapy, cosmetology and thermal comfort.