INNOFA. Innovative Fabrics BV  INNOFA. Innovative Fabrics BV

Innofa BV is a leader in the European market for knitted fabrics used in mattresses, the automotive sector, the medical and hygienic sectors, sports and technical textiles. The company's continuous research and development efforts enable it to produce the most complex customized fabrics and patterns to high quality standards. Twenty years ago Innofa was the first textile manufacturer to produce terrycloth for mattresses. Innofa owes its flexibility to vertical integration, with development, production, design, knitting and finishing under one roof. Innofa produces high quality circular knitted stretch textiles. Our strong and durable  fabrics make excellent mattress ticking and they are very well applicable on complex shaped furniture, medical supplies and bus/truck seats. We keep developing and improving our products and designs, which is why we can offer a wide range of a pplications. Our fabrics have innumerable possibilities regarding yarns, fillings, designs, finishing, innovations, bleaching, rugging, widths, washability, shearing and colours. We concentrate on the following product groups: Mattress textiles styles, Other textiles for furniture, sports, medical and automotive.