This website provides public information about ALL4REST project co-funded by EU’s FP7 Research for SMEs under contract
Number 262652.
Official start date of the project was 1st January 2011 with a duration of 24 months


Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders. Medical reasons account for some cases, while lifestyle factors such as stress, eating habits, jetlag or shift work afflict others. Sleeplessness may even become a self perpetuating habit. Getting good, restorative sleep is not just a matter of hitting the pillow at night and waking up in the morning. Regulated by the body clock, nighttime rest consists of sleep cycles with specific sleep stages, all vital for health. Improve these sleeping needs, cycles and stages can help people get better sleep. Many people want to sleep as little as possible. There is so much to do that sleep seems like a waste of time. Yet sleep, an essential time of rest and rejuvenation benefits our minds and bodies in many ways. When people continuously don’t get the amount of sleep they need, they begin to pay for it in daytime drowsiness, trouble concentrating, irritability, increased risk of falls and accidents, and lower productivity. It has been reported that sleep problems can be related to an uncomfortable mattress or sleep bedclothes resulting in suffering of short sleep cycles, low back discomfort, pain, or stiffness and shoulder pain. Rest system (formed by mattress, bedclothes, pyjama and pillow) should be as comfortable as possible to users. And comfort concept depends of physical and thermal parameters. Then, development of solutions which allow the enhancement of users´ sleep quality -increasing the tactile and thermal comfort of all elements forming the rest system- combined with a quantitative evaluation of comfort and sleep quality -not available at this moment in some elements (e.g. mattress)- opens up a new rest concept, an opportunity that SMEs involved in textiles must use to develop new products, research about new and “green” technologies and increase markets.

Project Objectives

The present project, ALL4REST, is focused on the development of comfort-improved rest systems, using non-obstrusive technologies that promote deeper, more restorative sleep and prevent nocturnal awakenings. The successful solutions will reduce awakenings and/or reduce time to sleep after an awakening and reduce sleep onset latency. Within the global comfort improvement, physical and thermal parameters will be investigated, establishing quantitative and qualitative evaluation of comfort and sleep quality system. To achieve it, use of biomaterials and research of new ones, eco-friendly technologies and processes in fabrics destined to rest will allow the development of new products focused to obtain an improved rest system. Specific techniques of comfort evaluation will be implemented in final products characterization and validation. In addition new high value-added end products will be developed, based on the specific properties of the novel materials and technologies used. This route of constant innovation in products and processes is essential to strengthen the European textile industry and especially the SME companies.  

Specific Objectives


ALL4REST project proposes researching on 4 specific R&D lines, strategic for the SMEs involved, which objectives are totally focused to improve tactile and thermal comfort in new rest systems:

  • Research on “green” materials & processing technologies, for development of improved comfortable resting systems.
  • Research and development of encapsulated systems for comfort improvement.
  • Research and development of heatable/cooling textiles for thermal comfort improvement.
  • Development of sensors into textiles to monitor the sleeping quality, and react with a heatable/cooling device included in the rest system.

Integration and comfort evaluation of these innovations are also objectives of the project, which it’s totally focused to improve the sleep quality (rest quality) of end users.